What would the world be like if schools taught us about Love?
We have schools for math, history, science…, and many of us emerge with little experience of how to live in Peace, Trust, and Love.

Life can be nourishing, inspiring, co-creative, and joyful!
Enhancing awareness of ourselves and our patterns is the first step toward unwrapping challenges and getting closer to the essence of our Truth.

The School of Love guides us in energetic perception, emotional intelligence, embodied wisdom, and authentic expression, so we may experience internal and eternal Love, for the benefit of All.

We invite you, to join us, in this exploration of expanding the consciousness of Love :: how it can heal us, unite us, and dance us forward into a deep, vast, and genuine gratitude for life.

Love always changes
Love, all ways, is.


Love ~
~ the ability to be humble, to kneel on the Earth, and Listen.
~ to Trust…the unseen Mysteries, and the spaces between.
~ to be open, to receive, the beauty of Unity, of All beings, elements, and Stillness.
~ to absorb into Heartmind and Spirit, what is, as is, and exhale in gratitude for it All.


What is Truth, Freedom, and Love to you? And, why?

…These are some questions that haunt many of us throughout the various phases and layers of our lives.
The exploration of these questions and others, (The Quest), invites us into experiencing despair, surrender, and deeper clarity of purpose, path, further curiosity, and Beauty.

It is my hope, that through caring, transparent communication; through sharing and unveiling and discovery; through stillness and movement,,, the ways of Love will weave us together in a way that allow us to experience a vast sense of belonging and unity ~ ultimately, Freedom within the Eternal Mystery - within and without, alone or in relation, in darkness and light, in days and dreams, in life and beyond ~ ~ ~

“To know I am nothing is Wisdom, to know I am everything is Love.”
~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


elise kost
Temple of Changes

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